dink a dink dink dink a dink dink mrow mrow mrow!

The power is out!  I think that it still is, anyway.  I can light a BIC LIGHTER!!!!  We used my amazing skills to light a candle last night.  Since the power was out, we needed one.  It went out at around 4 pm and when we left Uyuni it was still out!  Rotten cow corpses!  GROSSSSSSSSSSS! 

We drove about 20 minutes before we got stuck in some mud.  We had turned off the main road because it was really, really, REALLY bumpy.  Mom asked Dad if the road was still okay and if it wasn’t to soft and he said that it was fine.  Then the  road got wetter and WETTER and WETTER and WETTER!  And then we were

P1000888     STUCK! (this picture doesn’t show the stuckness but believe me!)

As we were busy getting stuck, Sean and I noticed a white car on the other side of the road quickly losing speed.  Sean said “If those guys get stuck they won’t have any more luck than us”.  Right after he said that two guys popped out and tried to push their car out of the mud.

After we were finished getting stuck, Mom noticed the guys on the other side of the road so she and Dad wandered over to help them.  I got my shoes on too and ran out to join them.  We started to push the car and I stood right where the tire flung all the mud.  I got a big clod of mud up my snorg!!  Once we got them out they drove back to the bumpy road and parked.  Then they came over to help us.  When the driver walked through the big puddle in the ditch he said “Fria, fria, fria!”  Oh, come on, it isn’t that cold!  We pushed the van out of the mud that was GOOEY!  Amazing, we thought that we would need a tractor to pull us out!  They left and Dad parked in their spot.

Now we had to get the trailer out of the goop!  When we drive  in the mud the  trailer fenders glom up with mud so the wheels don’t turn.  So we emptied the trailer and put little blocks of wood under the tires.  The problem with this is that we only have six pieces of wood,  two long, two medium, two short.    But eventually we got onto harder ground and we just ran and pushed at the same time.  Mungo really didn’t like that.  He was okay when we were just pushing it on the wooden blocks.  He could just squeak at us then.  But now we were running away from him!  So he had to jump out of the open window and sped along in front of a Toyota Landcruiser.  Then he splashed through the big muddy puddle and cut his foot on a rock then he reached us.  And got in trouble.   But his foot is fine and he didn’t get hit by a truck, so that’s okay.

Then we drove about 90km and camped here!

P1000889  A big mud/salt flat.  It was so flat and empty that Dad let me and Sean drive.  But we didn’t get to work the clutch.

P1000891 Ta-Da!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dink a dink dink dink a dink dink mrow mrow mrow!