I Love Cards


Today we are sleeping at Cabanas Rio Yambala.  At the restaurant there are a bunch of business cards for different hostels, hotels, one beauty salon, and one book exchange.  Sean and I each have twenty cards and when we got back to the room, we played Closest to the Wall with them.   I lost, of course (I suck at those kinds of games), but we are just going to split them up again and play again after homework.  We each have our own “champs”, which are cards that won the most or stayed with us the longest.  My champ was “Hostal Santa Fe”, and Sean’s were “Hotel Rosim” and “Apartamentos Turisticos y Hostal Chordeleg”.  I don’t know why he had two champs, he just did.  I think that usually the best cards were the heaviest, which is Sean’s second champ, but the other two champs were both lightweight fighters. 

For supper we ate mashed potatoes under stew.  Our drink was a very light lemonade.  After supper we came back to the cabin.  I went a different way then Sean and totally freaked him out.  He could hear me but he couldn’t see me.  I finally convinced him to come back into the cabin and open the porch door.  There I was!  I took a different path, when it ended I went to the left and hopped over the railing onto the porch. Then we stayed out there to play with the cards because Mungo’s snorg would get in the way of our game.  Speaking of snorgs, there is a picture of a tapir in our room!