Jeeper Creepers


I’m not a real “girly-girl”.  I do wear dresses, but most days I don’t wear a stitch of make-up.  I have short hair, but even when my hair was long, I never spent more than 5 minutes on it in the morning.  I think life is too short to spend time primping and such.  Also, I was never very good at things like hair and makeup.  My sisters were always sporting spectacular hairdos and impeccable makeup and I never quite measured up. 

As I look at my two dogs, I am reminded of my situation.  Sargon is my “sisters”.  Check out these peepers. 

P1040608 P1040603

Note the PERFECT application of eyeliner.  The line is clear, follows the contours of the eye precisely and makes the eye look simply magnificent!

Sadly, Mungo has my skills as a makeup artist.  P1040601P1040609

Kind of get the color in the right area, but mostly just smudge it around.  It is not clear, does not follow the contours of the eye precisely, making the eye look less than magnificent.   

Sorry Mungo.  Some of us are destined to be super models, and some of us, well, we just walk around at parties looking like cheap whores.  Sigh.