Five years ago, the McLean and Dumaine families were camping in the Ghost Forestry Reserve near Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  As typical for all great camping trips, a few beers were drunk, a few big schemes were hatched.  One such scheme was devised by Kevin McLean and Gisele Dumaine, “Let’s drive our vans to Tierra de Fuego, South America!” 

The camping trip ended, the beer buzz wore off and the Dumaines changed their minds.  Fortunately (or not?), the McLeans stuck with the idea and slowly plans were made to leave our home in Calgary for a year and pack ourselves and our dog into our 1987 Volkwagen Vanagon Westfalia Syncro and head south.

The following people and dog make up the travelling McLeans.  Kevin McLean is 43 years old and is a mechanical engineer.  Daniela McLean is 41 years old and is a veterinarian.  Sara McLean is 10 years old and just finished grade 5.  Sean McLean is 8 years old and just finished grade 3.  Mungo McLean is an 18 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback, who has completed MANY obedience classes, although it’s hard to tell!