Parts for Sale

After one day and a flurry of e-mails, EVERYTHING HAS SOLD!  Now I will have some extra room in the garage as I work on getting the van back into running condition.

Thanks for all the interest in the parts everyone.


I have some parts left over from when I changed the van engine from gas to diesel.

Since I only had the engine conversion running for about a week before we started our trip, I never had time to do this before.  Well, now is the time to make some room in the garage!

Shipping costs are extra.  All parts would ship from Calgary, AB, T2N 0X2 postal code.

Feel free to make an offer.  Everything has to sell or it goes to the dump!

Questions?  E-mail me:  hulagon at gmail dot com


These first parts are from the 1997 European Golf TDI (110 HP AFN engine) donor that I started with.  Mileage is unknown, but I was told that everything was working when the engine was pulled.  Most of these parts should also work on a North American 1Z or AHU engine.

(Click on the pictures for a bigger view)


  • All of the above:  VNT-15 turbocharger, intake and exhaust manifolds, oil supply and return lines, EGR line, misc. aluminum piping:  $150


  • Wiring harness with MAF as shown above:  $50


  • Injection pump from AFN engine:  $100


  • Two ECUs from AFN engine (part numbers 028 906 021 DF and 028 906 021 BF).  $50 each or $75 for the pair
  • Instrument cluster for AFN engine:  $25
  • 0.205 Injector nozzles:  $20
  • Starter (manual transmission):  $10
  • Oil pump:  $5
  • Alternator and power steering belts:  $5
  • HPIM0720
    • New water pump (p/n 038 121 011G), not for AHU or AFN engine, may fit BEW code engine:  $5


    • New clutch disk (p/n 021 141 031E):  $5
    • New pressure plate (p/n 021 141 025F):  $5


    Various conversion parts to use when installing a TDI engine into a Volkswagen Vanagon.


    • Engine carrier bars from a 1982 Diesel Vanagon:  $25


    • Flywheel from a 1982 Diesel Vanagon, rusty but not scored:  $20


    • Air filter (with new element) from a 1.6TD Vanagon:  $20


    • Carrier bars and assorted pieces from a 1.6TD Vanagon:  $40


    • Various parts from a 1982 diesel Vanagon:  offers


    • Used injection pumps from 1982 diesel Vanagon:  $20 for the pair


    • Used K03/K04 hybrid turbo by Kerma.  Hot side of turbo is from an AAZ turbo (not AHU).  Also (not shown) have (2) used K03 turbos for AAZ engine and a K03 rebuild kit from G-Pop Shop.  I would consider these all as rebuildable cores.  $50 for the lot


    Various parts from a 1987 Syncro Vanagon


    • Pair of front headlights with bulbs.  Missing one adjuster per side.  $30 for the pair


    • Transmission bell housing.  $20


    • Various filters and fuel injection parts.  $20 for the lot

    Also have, but not shown:

    • Upper grill from a 1987 Vanagon;  $15
    • Upper grill from a 1982 Vanagon;  $15
    • Gas tank from a 1987 Syncro Vanagon;  $50
    • Front springs from a 1987 Syncro Vanagon;  $25

    This is all for now.  Maybe there will be more as I continue to clean up the garage!