Nov 16 2009

Ooooh- spooky!


I had some fun at an old fortress today!!!!  The bad part was the heat.  The good part is that I got a mini cannon at the top!!!!!  Oh,, and I got to go spelunking in some tunnels.  With mom, dad and Sara of course. The first ones were ok but the last one was AWESOME!!!!  For one reason it started in a fork!!  The 2 paths met up.  Lucky for us they did!  Sara and dad went one way, mom and I the other.  The soldiers would live in little dents in the wall of a tunnel.  This couldn’t be comfy.  The dents were a bit smaller in length than a single-sized bed and just as wide.  The tunnel roofs were too small for mom and dad to fit standing up, so they looked like hunchbacks when we finally got out.  There was a HUGE hill descending down into the darkness.   Yes, I think this

PB150227 was happening for an hour or half an hour before Sara said the hill stopped.

PB150228 After the hill the electric lights did not work.  I don’t even think there were any!  What you see here is a picture so we could see what was ahead of us.


Oct 17 2009

Uuuurrrrrrcccccchhhhh-jerk jerk jerk jerk


Hello!  That was muy fun(very fun)!  I have never rappelled down a waterfall until now!  I was very unhappy on the first 3, but the 4th slope was so big Sara & I were not allowed to rappel off of it!  I don’t think Sara was very happy about this, even when the guide told us we had to zipline down.  But, rules are rules so we went zipping down.

PA170010It was quite freaky.  You rappel around 3 or 4 feet, then you jump from a dizzying height.  When you stop moving you get jerked down from ~ 100 feet.  Now, when I saw this happening to Sara, I only saw the first jerk so I thought the guides just drop you, then at the last 5 or 6 feet try to slow your fall.  It was very scary!!

Guess what- I rappelled down a 40 foot waterfall without screwing up once!  Well, maybe a little when the rope almost ended and I stopped before the very end of it-but-but- that’s not the point!!!

Oh, and by the way, this ball of fuzz is a sloth.PA170022

Oct 16 2009

Bzzzzzzz!!! Whoosh!


  Ziplines are zippy fast!!  Today we went ziplining looked at flies made out of butter,(butterflies-hee hee!) saw a couple bugs and went over some bridges!  First we saw the butterflies…

 PA150338and some caterpillars…PA150341 then some of both!!PA150350 PA150340 This is the owl butterfly, owl cater pillar and the owl chrysalis.

PA150341  PA150349



                      ****************NEXT SUBJECT****************


I never have seen such BIG bugs!!  They were huge!!  Look at them!  PA150357 PA150374

PA150361See the big grasshopper?  Mom had one on her leg!!


This is a Blue Morpho butterfly.




                                     ***********ZIPPING DOWN THE LINE********


Now for the ziplining!!  The best way to describe it is… FLYING THROUGH THE AIR AROUND 200 FEET HIGH HELD UP BY A WIRE AND A WHEEL!!!

Its not as scary as it sounds until you actually do it.  Here are some pictures of it.




PA150376Looks fun right?

The wheel made a BZZZZZZZZTTTTTTT sound that really hurt my ears!!  The last one was 1km long and on that one I had to go with Sara-  >:(  -for extra speed so I didn’t get stuck in the middle.


                                      *********8 BRIDGES*********

The bridges were very wiggly!!

PA160143 PA160146




PA160144Wow!!PA160149Moms deal was if you see a sloth and point it out to her, you get ten dollars.  Nobody saw one.

Oct 12 2009

What a Day!!!


Costa Rica is really cool!!  I went to the beach  in the morning, dropped my boogie board, grabbed my snorkel and mask and went away with Dad to see the fish.  We knew that fish lived close by because yesterday, as soon as I went into the ocean two good-sized fish came swimming up to greet me.  But, unfortunately as soon as I was in sight, they swam for cover of one of the many rocks(the beach wasn’t all rock, only half. the rest was sand).  So, we went out into the rocks(under the water, not above) to see what we could find.  By the way, Mungo didn’t come with us.  I thought I was seeing a good amount of fishies, but, out in the rocks, fish were everywhere!!   PA130315 PA130316 PA130318 After we washed up on the beach, Mom tried out her new flippers-WOOHOO!!!!  Some fish that Dad and I saw turned out to be puffer fish!! PA130313 I didn’t see Nemo, though… but I did see a whole fish in Sara’s “Red Snapper”* supper!!  This has been happening so frequently, we have started the “Craziest Meal” contest all the way from El Salvador, where Sara accidentally ordered “Super Seafood Soup” and when it came, Mom thought she saw a  leg fall out the side!!  The soup was full of crabs and lobsters!! The bowl came on a plate and also on the plate came a mallet and a board for smashing the shells of the bowls contents!!!!


I will be posting more often because it is part of my homework.

           *a type of fish

Aug 23 2009

Up we go!!!


Yesterday we hiked up a volcano.  Well, not to the  top.  Three quarters up the great Volcan Papaya… oops-Pacaya to see a river of lava.P8220154  Cool, isn’t it?  mom hates walking on ice.  Now walking on Volcan Pacaya is 100% bad in Moms Book of Bad.  The river of lava was cool, but not as cool as the Mallows of the Marsh!!  We roast them over lava that has been cooling for THREE DAYS  easily.  Some kids at the bottom were selling… sticks for 5 to 2 Quetzales  That’s weird.  It turned out they were for poking the lava with.  After we got them to shut up, people started saying…  “taxi taxi taxi” and “natural taxi”.  One man even said “tuk-tuk!!”  Then we left.  Still, people with horses were asking mom:  you want?  One man was halfway up Volcan Pap…Pacaya telling us that a horse doesn’t tire you out.  Yeah, but we’re Canadians from the mountains – we don’t need no stinkin’ horse!!!  After I found my own stick for free and dropped it P8220126P8220129P8220127 into the lava!!!