Mungo the Great


Mungo’s recovery proceeds in fits and starts.  Some days are great, others get me worrying, still others leave me super frustrated.

Mungo was full of energy and bounce right after his surgery.  He was eating great, hopped around like nothing ever happened and seemed genuinely happy.  Everyone that saw him told me that he looked happy.  About 4-5 days after surgery, he started to look less happy.  He was still on pain meds and antibiotics, so I did not think this was why he looked sad.  He was still wearing an elizabethan collar (those large cones dogs wear) and according to his surgeon, he was only allowed to go on 10-15 minute walks.  Because of his unhealed incision, I did not think he should be going to offleash parks, so we just walked in the neighborhood, on the sidewalks.  I think he thought this sucked.  About 10 days after his surgery, I removed the sutures from his incision.  He wore the cone less, which should have made him happy, but instead he started to eat less.  His incision looked ok, no infection present and I ran some bloodwork looking for infection or any other reason that might explain the lack of appetite.  I found nothing.  This weekend, we started going to offleash areas again.  Mungo is clearly happy to be able to run free again and actually does break out into a run at times.  Even though he seems happy to be outside, he still hesitates at the food bowl.  We can get him to eat, but only if we add canned food to his kibble.  For a few days, he didn’t even get off the couch when we started getting his food ready.  Now he happily jumps off the couch, but one look at the dry kibble in his bowl, and he turns his head.

I wonder sometimes if this dog is playing me.  We have always said that Mungo is a smart guy, but prefers to use his brain for bad.  I wonder if he has figured out that if he just waits long enough, he will get some of that tasty canned food added to his bowl.

I don’t know the answer.  For now, I will keep adding treats to the bowl to keep him eating.  I am worried that his lack of appetite could mean that the cancer is rearing it’s ugly head elsewhere in his body, but I guess I would rather not know that if it is true.  For now, I will give him yummy food and time.

Yesterday was a beautiful day so we hit the offleash park for a nice walk.  All was going well until we met a couple of black dogs..  One was carrying a toy of some sort and for some reason, he decided that Mungo needed a beat down.  He attacked Mungo quite nastily, and although there were no visible bite wounds, Mungo was knocked off his feet during the ruckus and was very freaked out.  The owner of the other dog, jumped into the fray quickly and stopped his dog.  He asked if Mungo was ok and since I found no wounds, I told him yes.  I asked him if his dog got into fights often and his reply was “not often”.  Wrong answer!  Apparently his dog is possessive of his toys and will sometimes get “upset” if he feels another dog is trying to take it.  Mungo has never tried to take a toy in his life.  I wish people would not bring nasty dogs to the offleash.  I can handle the dogs that don’t listen to their owners, but why bring a mean dog to the park?  In any case, this entry is not to discuss stupid pet owners, but needless to say our walk was a little less than pleasant.

Later that day, Mungo decided he was unhappy with his incision and while I was preoccupied with other things, decided to rip about an inch of it apart.  This is not an easy thing to do with a 13 day old incision, but in the spirit of using his brain for bad, he did it.  He then had to have his wound cleaned, stapled together and now he is going to be wearing his cone for at least another 10 days.

In contrast to yesterday’s horrors, today was a great day.  Instead of going to an official offleash park in town, I took the dogs to an area on the edge of town so that they could have a little run.  Both dogs had a wonderful time.  They did a  lot of sniffing.


They ran and posed on hills for me.


Mungo looked fabulous.


He tried to chase a rabbit and he tried to get Sargon to play with him as well.  All signs that he is feeling pretty good.  This is the view that I am most often graced with when I walk my dogs.


Impatient hounds, waiting for their owner to catch up.  the only difference is now I get to look at one and a half bums instead of two!

We will continue to be patient with Mungo’s recovery.  I will try to make sure that he gets the nutrition he needs to heal.  I will try to keep nasty dogs out of his life.  I will try to make sure his incision gets to “healed” and I will try to make sure there are plenty more glorious days like today.

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