Penguinj Ahoy


Today we saw some penguins.  Well, actually not just ‘some’.  Quite a few penguins.  At first  we thought it was no good (or at least I did).  Most of the first ones all hid in their Hidey Holes or behind bushes.P1000301

This is pretty disappointing.  Every once and a while you see a penguin head peeping over the bushes.  Once (actually many times) a penguin was standing beside the path.  I was thinking, okay, that’s cool.  But then we saw a fork in the path.  Standing on the branch to the left was a group of 4 penguins waddling around.  ON THE PATH!!!  If Mungo was with us, that would be the end of His Snoug (snog, his nose).  Don’t ask why, you’ll find out later.  I heard some noises coming from the right.  I thought it would be cool to see a penguin Hee-Hawing it’s head off (that’s right, they sound like donkeys).  Once the penguins started to grow more plentiful, we got better pictures.  One posed with it’s back to us.  Mom wanted to see it’s face, but it kept the same position and started wiggling it’s stubby little tail.  Wiggle wiggle then-PUTHHHHH-SPLAT it pooped towards us.  Then a tour crept up behind us.  Some words I caught were-“this white stuff it is their ****(S word, the bad one, not stupid).  We all laughed at that.  The tour group followed us along the way, guide telling the two peoples stoof, like ‘the penguins that live the farthest walk 4 hours to get to the beach to fish. Not a little dad and son trip for a day, but a dad or mom trip for 2 or 3 days.  Then, suddenly the park is filled with the black and white things.  Not Orcas, Penguins.  Look around if you go there.  Once a sign said ‘MAKE WAY FOR PENGUINS’

P1000399 Then the tour guide behind us said that we were getting close to the  beach, and out of downtown.  Downtown is where Mom Dad son and daughter are standing, travelling and sleeping.  At downtown, the tour guide went away, but not without saying ‘don’t touch, once a big man did and the touched penguin tore off his finger, bone and all.  We met up at the supposedly best viewpoint and we caught the guide saying ‘that bird, it’s the only flightless duck in South America.  We ran away this time and started to leave, but the guide stopped us and asked ‘have you gone that way 300m yet?’  We said no, we haven’t and the guide told us we had to, it’s the best part.  And it was.  You had to watch where your feet landed, there were so many penguins.P1000294 That was AWESOME!!!

                                                      THE END

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