Saturated Salt


We saw the salt flats today.











Did you think that was the end???  I didn’t.  The salt flats were REALLY COOL!!!  I SHRANK!!!!  Goob, my stuffed person grew!!!  See?P1000830 Dad also shrank.


P1000856 Sara did.  Wanna see her?P2090023 Pretty tiny, huh?  This is mom when she shrank.P2090061 The vehicles that took us out were cool.  You know, I think this place would be a good place for a Toyota commercial.P2090027  –buy your new Toyota Land Cruiser now!-  I mean really!  Salt encrusted cars that still run perfectly?  Which one, that or this?

P1000873 These old trucks are for transporting the salt.  Oh, speaking of salt, look what the water did to it.P2090090 


If you remember, in Guatemala we saw a place called Tikal?  It was an old ruin that was full of pyramids.  This is what the salt pyramids reminded us of.  Look, the salt water was so salty, look what would happen in about a minute.

P1000826 Hmmm, do you see a horizon?  I don’t.P1000841 See at the middle, there’s a titch of a line?  That’s the horizon.  This is how reflective the flooded salt flats are.  The mountains reflect!!

P1000853 On the way to the flats, we stopped at a Train Cemetery.  It was full of Thomas the Train Engines, or Locomotives.P1000787   Now we stop, rest, wash off and yawn.  Look-King Mungo rested too, after a long hard day of sleeping.

P1000882 The end.

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